Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Room With A View

I've been doing mucho research on IVF and things that may be able to help me in the upcoming cycle, but I also wanted to acknowledge all that Doc has done for our cycles, so in honor of his hard work, I give you Doc's ratings.

Every time we do an IVF or IUI cycle, I ask Doc what "materials" they had on-site to help him in his manly endeavors. It's our (or my) way of getting some laughs out of the otherwise fairly stressful event. He's has been to five separate clinics and tested out five different sets of materials and here is his summary:
  • Clinic #1: This was his first clinic and he wasn't sure what to expect. But he came back with a thorough report...Room was a closet with very thin walls where he could hear all the conversations being held in the main office area. So, although there was a TV and DVD player with a fairly good selection of material, he didn't want to turn on the TV, lest someone here the "noises" coming from his closet. It took him longer than he expected because of the distracting conversations outside from the nurses discussing what they were going to eat for lunch, made it difficult to concentrate on his manly duties. Overall Rating: Thumbs Down.
  • Clinic #2: Same clinic. Different office. This one was a little bit better and he was a bit more prepared for what to expect. He proudly relayed that he did his duties in record time and was out the door before the morning traffic started to back up. Overall Rating: Thumbs Up.
  • Clinic #3: This was for our first IVF cycle. Again, similar materials...DVDs and magazines. He gave me a more detailed account of the materials at this clinic. Seeing as we live in the Bay Area and we have a diverse community, the DVD selection reflected the "equal opportunity" sentiment and thus included everything from "Asian Babes" to "Hispanic Hotties." Doc liked the fact that they were so nondiscriminatory and catered to the broad tastes of their clients, so he gave this clinic a Thumbs Up!
  • Clinic #4: This one made Doc go "huh?". And, once he relayed his report back to me, I was a bit puzzled, too. They seemed to cater to the Asian Persuasion. As in everything, all materials, were Asian-centric and the room was actually named....The Zebra Room with name plate and matching zebra decor. Now, I know that our area of the country has it's fair share of Asians, but I'm not sure that having only Asian materials really does it for every man. But, then I started to think, perhaps, they have themed rooms because they have specific materials for each room. Zebra Room -- Asians; Tiger Room -- Caucasian; Gazelle Room -- get the picture. But, then how do they know which room the man would prefer? Do they go by the race of the wife? The race of the man? Or just the vibes that the man gives? All in all, very strange and a bit too overboard...Just give the man a room, a porno mag, and a cup. MY rating: Thumbs Down.
  • Clinic #5: Well, this one was also a bit weird. Doc compared it to a scene from Mission Impossible. He was told to go downstairs to the basement, using the elevator and then to pick up the phone from the wall. The person on the phone would then meet him and direct him to "the room," where he would complete his mission. He was then told to call again to confirm the completion of the mission. As for the materials, Doc was a bit disappointed about the selection. Their commitment to diversity was sorely missing (obviously, not the Bay Area) and he was not very impressed with their magazine selection. Overall Rating: Thumbs Down.
Hopefully, this next round will be his final tour of duty and he'll be able to retire. He's been a trouper and I appreciate his willingness to sacrifice for the cause. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11 Days and Counting

Less than 2 weeks until we leave for our South America vacay. I'm pretty excited about visiting SA, but Doc is beyond excited. This will be my first time to South America and Doc's second time (he's been to Peru and Venezuela).

We'll be leaving on Saturday the 13th and staying until December 1st. We fly from SFO to Miami, where we have a overnight stay (we did this to break up the long ass flight) and then from there we fly non-stop to Buenos Aires. Even with the layover, the travel time will be long and painful, but to make myself feel better, I always compare my flight times to when we went to South Africa...Hands down, the most painful 48 hours.

Doc loves to plan vacations, so we rarely ever do the typical "canned" tourist itinerary. He books all our plane flights, hotels, activities, everything...He even packs my passport for me so all I need to do is pack my clothes! This time we're starting out in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then flying down to the southern part of Argentina, to Patagonia where we'll spend several days hiking.

Since Patagonia is very close to Antarctica, we'll be hiking on glaciers and the weather will be pretty chilly. One of the highlights of our trip will be going to El Calafate. Supposedly, it's one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Argentinian Patagonia.

Our next stop after Patagonia will be Uruguay to visit Iguazu Falls, one of biggest waterfalls in the world. I'm not sure if I'm going to do this, but supposedly, you can take a raft/boat very close to the base of the waterfall and experience it up close, in person. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough for that.

And then, lastly, we'll spend the final days of our vacation in Brazil. Lying on the beach, relaxing until it's time to come home and get back to reality.

Hopefully, this will give me the break I need from all the TTC stress and leave me refreshed to start IVF #3 in January!