Monday, September 27, 2010


First, I want to give a huge hug and a happy dance to Sienna from It's Baby Time. I'm so happy for her and she's given me hope!!

Ok, on to my second piece of news...I have 15 follicles! I'm doing an IUI cycle right now as we wait to do our third round of IVF in January. So, I go in this morning for my CD 7 ultrasound after having taken letra.zole from CD 3 - CD 7 and I find out that I have 15 follicles growing with the largest at 14, 12, and 11. I have never (in any of my cycles) responded so well and so early. It took me completely by surprise. Unfortunately, my lining is pretty thin at 4.1, but they can always put me on estrodial and I respond ok to that.

So, something must be working! Right now, I'm on 75mg of DH.EA and chinese herbs, and I've increased my caloric/fat intake. So, I'm thinking that one or all of the above must have contributed to my better response.

Now, I'm not getting my hopes up by any means, but I am happy that things are going in the right direction and I hope they stay that way, so when IVF #3 comes around I'll also be lucky enough to get 15 nice follies.


tasivfer said...

That's fantastic! Sounds liek the things you are doing are helping! :-)

sienna said...

thanks soo!!!!! many many hurdles still to pass though, so i'm scurred and nervous.

holy shit 15 follicles??? that is awesome news. there's obviously something about the letrazole that is working on you. that combined with estrogen patches sounds like it would be a winning combo, huh?? (along with extra stimming and combo trigger that is).

are you stimming longer on this iui as well, or is that just for ivf?? xoxoxoxo.

arlnurse said...

yay for so many follies!!! I swear it was DHEA that got me pg! I also took 75mg & I think it improved my egg quality. Crossing everything for a fantastic IUI this month!

lowfatlady said...

Wow, awesome response! Go follies, go!

ventingvagina said...

holy crap! go sooz! things are looking up! me and you - we're next! :)