Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Day, Another Test

After having 2 IVFs, you would think that I would have had every possible test done related to sex hormones, but no, there are still more and more!

Any of you ladies ever have a mammogram? I had my first one day last week since CC.RM requires all patients, ages 35+, to have a mammogram. It's terrible. Not really painful, but very awkward and just all around, a pain in the ass. And then to top it off, all the techs were confused as to why a 35 year old was getting a mammogram, so they had to confirm with a few supervisors on whether it was ok to go ahead with the x-rays. Good news was that everything was a-ok.

Second test was to check my AMH levels. Suprisingly, out of all the tests that I've had done, I haven't had this done yet. So, blood was drawn and my levels were tested and I came back with a 0.8. According to a few sites, average starts at 1 and 0.8 is low-average which corresponds with all my other tests and my AFC. So, no big surprise there. Basically, the number is supposed to tell you how fertile you are, similar to FSH.

So far, things have been going pretty smoothly. Doc and I have been pretty happy with Dr. S and CC.RM, in general. However, (there's always a however) I'm not too thrilled with our nurse. She's very friendly and responsive, but I don't think she really thinks thoroughly before responding to us and she doesn't seem to know anything beyond what's "in-the-manual." In the couple of times we've talked to her, she's provided us with the wrong info and we've had to follow-up and ask if she could double-check. Doc has suggested that we request a different nurse, but I'm willing to work with her for a couple more months and if the mistakes still occur.


Anonymous said...

Glad the tests came back ok even though some of them were annoying. I might ask for another nurse too. I would want one who knows what she is doing and doesn't give the wrong answers.

irrationalexuberance said...

mammograms do suck. I've had to do them since age 35 since I'm high risk, and every year I dread it. But glad you got the all clear, and I wouldn't read too much into the AMH. Mine was 0.8 and I still managed to crank out 13eggs last cycle. So all is not lost, even a little.

sienna said...

ugh, i need to get one soon. my mom had breast cancer, so i was supposed to start getting them this year, but have been otherwise occupied so far.

glad you got this checked off at least and that it was painless! sounds like dumb nurse has to go!!! this is no time for nonsense!

Anonymous said...

ugh for the mammogram! Glad things seem to be moving along for you & that you're happy with your Dr.

Anonymous said...

the tests are never ending!!! glad you were able to get some more tests done and that everything is looking okay. sorry the new nurse sucks. i would definitely request a new one if she doesn't shape up. this is a big deal and there is no room for mistakes! but as long as you have faith in your doctor, things are going to work out just fine.