Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grabbing At Straws?

Maybe I'm going a bit nuts and just pulling at anything for an explanation, but I'm beginning to consider the possibility that I might have endo. I don't have any of the typical symptoms. My periods are light. I've never had experienced any substational cramping with my cycles. So, one would not think that I have endo. However, I've read that many unexplained IF cases are caused by endo that has no symptoms AND asians are more prone to have endo.

I was actually dissuaded by both Doc and all of my REs from doing a laparoscopy to diagnose endo because 1) I had no symptoms, 2) since I had no symptoms, if I did have endo it would be very mild and probably not the cause of IF, and 3) lap is surgery. Actually #3 is Doc's main argument against doing a lap. He is a strong proponent of not doing surgery if it's not absolutely necessary. Bad things can come of doing surgery -- like adhesions, infections, etc. and if it's not necessary, why open yourself up to those things.

So, I have a question for y'all...did you have a laparoscopy as part of your diagonistics even if you showed no signs of endo? If so, did you find any endo? If not, why didn't you have a lap?


Brave IVF Girl said...

I had a laparoscopy with no symptoms of endometriosis. My RE suggested it because my infertility was unexplained, and he suspected I might have some. In fact I had more than he expected.

In hindsight, I think painful sex is/was an endometriosis symptom for me, but I had regular periods which weren't particularly heavy, and only minor cramping.

The surgery was pretty easy - had it on a Thursday, I think, and then was back to work the following Monday. Took about 2 weeks before I felt like I could stand up straight and not move funny, but I wasn't in pain.

One thing to note is that IVF circumvents problems related to endometriosis, so depending on if/when you get to that point, it might affect your decision making,

Anonymous said...

I don't have endo and I have never had a lap so I am no help. However, my RE only wanted to do a lap when I was having anxiety with doing the sono and the hsg and he thought that would be an easier way to find out the same thing.

Geochick said...

I had a lap done because of suspected endo. Unlike you I do have pretty bad cramps, and a few times in college they actually took me out for almost a whole day. However, I only had a little tiny bit of endo; not even enough to make it the cause of infertility. I'd go with not doing surgery unless you really have to. Doesn't IVF circumvent most of the problems which would be caused by endo? It does suck not knowing what the cause is!