Monday, April 2, 2012

37 weeks!

Well...almost. I'll be 37 weeks on Wednesday. I can't believe I've made it this far. 

This post isn't going to very original, actually more like plagiarism from Tortoise Baby (Turtle Mama, I hope you don't mind), but at 37 weeks, I really can't come up with much originality.

How Far Along: almost 37 weeks!
How Big is the baby? 6 lbs and the length of a swiss chard (Babycenter always picks the strangest produce to compare your baby to)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 30 lbs - I've been gaining the weight a bit more during the third trimester and  I think it's mainly due to water retention.
Maternity Clothes: All maternity with the exception of a couple of yoga pants that I bought in a size L, but even some of my maternity pants are getting small.
Movement: All the time...and this little guy gets the hiccups about 2-3 times per day. 
Belly button in or out? My pre-pregnancy belly button was very small and a very deep inny, so it's basically stayed the same.
Exercise: I've been swimming every other day for the past month. I was walking up until then, but now my feet and ankles are swelling, so swimming has become my outlet.
What I miss: Running, shopping for normal clothes, being able to wear my shoes.
Milestones:  Making it (almost) to full-term at 37 weeks!
Food Cravings:  SPICY! I love spicy foods. The spicier, the better.
Aversions: None. 
Symptoms:  Acid reflux and swollen ankles/feet. I now officially have cankles and can only wear flip-flops, my Dansko clogs and sneakers (this seriously limits what outfits I can wear to work). The swelling has gotten so bad, I've started to wear compression stockings that Doc has to put on for me in the morning because I can't bend down to put them on! Oh, and did I mention that my BMs have gone from being hard as rocks (prune juice was my lifesaver) to loose as a goose, like having to run to the bathroom every time I eat! I'm not sure which is worse.   
Sex: Uh, no. Not happening -- between the acid reflux and feeling like a balloon, there's been no hanky-panky in our house for awhile.
What I'm looking forward to: Going on leave (next Tuesday is my last day of work!) and meeting the babe!  


sienna said...

i'm soo excited for you soo!! you've waited so long for this and you're gonna meet him so soon! i'm in awe that you are swimming. i was lazy during pregnancy and the 50 pounds i gained was evidence of that. i hope you post pictures of baby boy after he makes his arrival! xoxo.

Jen said...

Sounds like everything is going great Sooz! Not long to go before you get to meet your babe!

TurtleMama said...

Ha - I stole the post from another blogger - feeling uncreative too! I forgot about the "sex" question - Not happening over here either. I think my husband is not comfortable with it, which is fine with me.
I's so glad you updated us! Yay for almost 37 weeks - that is a huge milestone! Can't wait to hear about the labor and delivery! and pics of baby boy!

newbie said...

OMG Sooz, 37 weeks!! It's almost here! I am so so excited for you. Can't wait for you (and us) to meet the little eggy. Sounds like you are doing just great (heartburn and all) and I'm so glad you can stop working soon. Keep us posted!