Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life's Updates

I'm back from Utah and the best snow on Earth! I have to agree with that statement...On Sunday, we rode on the most amazing powder. Here in CA, we get what people call Sierra Sludge. The snow is wet and heavy and on a powder day, it'll just weigh you down and stop you cold in your tracks. But, in Utah, the snow is heavenly. It's weightless, soft, and you glide effortlessly down the mountain. I've never boarded on anything so amazing. And to think, Park City is less than a 2 hour plane ride from us! Guess where I'll be next winter.

On the flip side, I'm sick. Without fail, I always get sick when I go on vacation. The day before we left for Utah, I got the usual sore throat and then sneezing which led to the runny nose and cough. So, between runs, I spent my chairlift rides blowing my nose and swallowing meds to keep my cold at bay. But, I am proud to say that I did not miss a day of snowboarding. Even in my invalid state, I dragged my ass to the slopes and got my runs in. Unfortunately, this cold seems to have a very long half-life and is still lingering. I'm hoping to kick it to the curb by this weekend, but I won't place any bets.

As for my cycle, I started the estrogen priming this morning and now I'm just waiting for AF to come. She should be here by tomorrow or Friday, so I wait...again. If she comes as anticipated, I'll start stims on the 5th and leave for Denver on the 9th. Less than two weeks and I'll be back at CCRM.


sienna said...

i always get sick before a vacay too. it truly sucks, but glad that you had an amazing vacation!! i'm really excited for you on this upcoming cycle! fingers, toes, eyes ... everything is crossed for you guys :o) xoxoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time, but sorry you got sick. Good luck with this cycle!

Geochick said...

Way to power through the cold! That's a true powder-hound. :) So jealous of your Utah trip. I have yet to experience their fluffy powder. We get some, but not in the same quantity.

Hope you are fully recovered for your trip to CCRM.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you were sick (I usually get sick just as we go on holiday too!), but glad you powered through it and still enjoyed it nonetheless. And very exciting to be starting a new cycle soon!