Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forgive Me

I've been a terrible blogger for the last couple of months. I apologize, but my life has been none too interesting and since I've just been farting around until my I start IVF #4, I just haven't had anything to write about.

But now that comes to an end! I have started my stims as of today and on Sunday I fly out to Denver. Being a veteran IVF traveler, I've picked up some tips from my first trip out there. First, I only ordered just enough meds to get me through the first day in Denver. When I get to Denver, I'll order the remainder of my meds. This way, I only have to travel with a small amount versus last time when I had to pack a freakin' pharmacy. Second, Doc is coming out one week after me. Since I take a year and half to stim, there's no reason that both he and I both have to sit around waiting for my eggs to cook. So, he'll be flying out a bit later. Then, lastly, the rental car is in my name. Last time, Doc was the sole driver on the rental agreement, so he had to play Driving Miss Soo around and it was a pain in the ass. Since I have all the appointments, it's better for me to drive.

So, what drugs am I taking? Well, there's the 150iu of men.opur and then the 0.33 of saizen and then 300iu of go.nal-f. This is the first time taking saizen, so I'm praying that it helps, particularly since it cost me $700 bucks for 5 about highway robbery.

Oh, and needless to say, my Bay Area RE (the one that I am going to for at-home monitoring before I travel to Denver) reminded me that studies have shown stress and depression are not good for IVF. Great...I swear, trying to destress has resulted in causing me even more stress. I call it the great Infertility Paradox: Stress from attempts to destress results in additional stress causing initial stress factor to worsen. Blah.


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

How exciting! I am glad you are back are starting up IVF again!

sienna said...

was the saizen your doc's recommendation, or did you bring it up to him initially? just curioso!!! i'm hoping all this moolah we've spent on ivf means that one day we shall all win the freaking mega millions jackpot. bc, ya know, fair is fair. everything crossed for you during this cycle babe!! are you all stocked up on dvd's and such for the trip?? i highly recommend "united states of tara", if you haven't watched it already :o) xoxo.

Geochick said...

Happy Travels! Look me up if you get supremely bored during your week sans Doc. I just may have some free time. ;)

Anonymous said...

yay! this cycle is underway! FX, soo!!!

p.s. i just emailed you!

p.p.s. interested in borrowing my circle+bloom meditations to help with stress relief?

Anonymous said...

Exciting that you've started your cycle!

And if being a 'bad' blogger means you were giving your head a break from TTC and living your life, then fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you tons of good luck!I hope the saizen does the trick for you! I hope you can enjoy your alone time in Denver & do something fun to relax.

sienna said...

thinking of you!! hope you are relaxing and amusing yourself in denver :o) xoxo.