Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mile High

Yes! I am here in Denver once again and you could say I'm having a bit of deja vu. My cycle is going almost identical to last time I was here, except it's the mirror image with my left side having the majority of the follicles and my right side lagging a bit in production.

On the left, I have 6 follies ranging from 14 to 6mm and on the right I have 4 ranging from 13 to 6mm. What can I say except that my body is very consistent...doesn't throw my any curve balls which I guess is a good thing, but based on my results from the last IVF, I'm hoping that maybe we'll have a better outcome.

Anyway, I get the day off tomorrow from going in to the clinic and Doc flies in tonight, so it'll be nice to hang out with the hubby and relax for the day.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good day off tomorrow and a great trip in general.

sienna said...

enjoy your day off with hubby tomorrow!! what have you been doing to fill the time this whole past week without him??

your body certainly doesn't throw you any curve balls, and given how curve balls can screw us, let's consider this a very very good thing.
GROW FOLLIES GROW GROW GROW GROW GROW!!! sending you big hugs :o) xoxo.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a relaxing day and your cycle continues to go well!