Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's On Like Donkey Kong

As you can probably tell, I'm feeling a bit better than I was yesterday. Thanks to all you lovely ladies for giving me a boost with your comments. I swear, this blog has been the best thing for me and it's far easier on the wallet than actual therapy.

The other thing that has my spirits a bit higher than yesterday is that my phone consult with Dr. Zed is on for tomorrow. I got a call from the coordinator and she said there was an appointment for tomorrow afternoon that opened up due to a cancellation! Hooray! So, my May 12th phone consult is now scheduled for tomorrow.

The sooner we get the second act on the road, the better. My first IVF was done through the big K HMO (for those of you in CA, you'll likely know which one that is) and although they did all the tests, I'm not sure if Dr. Zed will want to do some again because they're old and they were done at the big K. If we do tests again, it'll take a few more weeks than we anticipated, so I'm anxious to start as soon as possible.

I'm also excited to hear what Dr. Zed will say about my protocol and what he'll recommend. Dr. P (from IVF #1) recommended estrogen priming with microflare protocol and no birth control pills. I've read that Dr. Zed also uses estrogen priming, so I'm thinking he may recommend that, but you never know. Wish me luck!


lowfatlady said...

Yea for an opening! I hope all goes well!

arlnurse said...

Wishing you tons of luck tomorrow!!! I hope Dr. Zed comes up with the perfect plan!!!

Sandy said...

let us know what he says!! i'm betting that dr Z is your man :o)