Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Doc, New Plan

We had our phone consultation with Dr. Zed yesterday afternoon and I feel very comfortable that he knows what he's doing. We discussed the immature egg issue and his thinking is that the protocol was incorrect. He felt strongly that based on my age and my antral follicle count (which is between 10-12), that I still have a pretty good chance and that I should've been placed on a microdose flare protocol (which, by the way, is what Dr. P recommended for IVF #2) with an initial higher dose of meds. And, where Dr. P thought that the BCPs oversuppressed me, Dr. Zed feels that if I start on a higher does of meds, the BCPs shouldn't be an issue and that the the liklihood of having a lead follicle or uneven follicle growth is too high without BCPs. He also thinks my lining needs a bit of beefing up with means that I'll be doing estrace priming.

Overall, the recommendations were very similar to what Dr. P had suggested for IVF #2, which makes me feel more comfortable. The main difference between the two seemed to be their level of experience/confidence. When Dr. P was making his recs, he seemed a bit hesitant and explained that he really hadn't encountered a case like mine before. However, Dr. Zed told me that he had encountered many cases like mine in his 25+ years of practice and he seemed very confident in his recommendations.

Now, that could all be BS, but I have to believe in something to make my decision? So, based on all the information I currently have, we're going to go with Dr. Zed.

As for timing, I'll be starting on BCPs with my upcoming period and I'll also be doing my first ultrasound. Since we're on vacation during the last week in May, we'll start the stims at the beginning of June and then do the retrieval/transfer mid-late June.

It's such a relief to have a game plan set up! Let's get this show on the road.


sienna said...

glad you have a game plan set up!! like i've said before, i have a special feeling about this dr z person i keep hearing about!!!

how thin was your lining during ivf that you need to do estrace priming. mine was 8.6 before trigger and i thought that was on the thin side, but neither RE thinks it's too thin. hmmm.

and my old RE said he had "NEVER" seen what happened to me in his career whereas new RE says he's seen it bunch of times. THANK GOD for experience man. that's all i can say!!

lowfatlady said...

Yea for a good game plan. I hope it works! Good luck!

ventingvagina said...

so happy to hear you have a plan in place that you feel good about! keeping my fingers crossed for you! looks like you, sienna and i will be on similar timing!