Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a Peak!

Finally, the ever elusive egg has appeared on my monitor this morning. Perfect timing because tomorrow morning Doc leaves for his conference, so we'll get one at least, maybe two shots in before he goes on his jetplane.

Talk about delayed ovulation...I haven't been keeping exact track of my cycle days, but I think I'm about CD19 or 20. In my past non-medicated cycles I almost always ovulated on CD16-17. I wonder if the meds have messed with cycles or if it's the exercise?

I haven't really exercised strenuously in almost 2 months. No running, no spinning, no lifting weights and right after the BFN, I started up again on everything. I've been sore for about 2 weeks off and on and I feel great! However, I think with all the exercise, I probably threw my body off it's lazy cycle and the consequences are a delayed O. Well, at least that's my layman's hypothesis.

Anyway, I mentioned that Doc will be at a conference until next Monday, so I'm on my own for the next few days. I know I'll miss him, but I'm actually looking forward to being on my own. I have dinner dates and brunch dates with a lot of my girlfriends -- it'll be great to catch up.

Sometimes, I miss my single days when I could make plans based on my schedule alone. It's nice sometimes to just be that single girl again, hanging out with the girls and not feeling bad about ditching Doc. So, beginning tomorrow morning at 7am, I am "single" for 5 days.


sienna said...

they say that sperm can live for at least 5 days, right? so, np that dh will be out of town :o) i'm always intrigued when i hear about these fertility monitors. how do they work? i've just used the pee sticks for ovulation, but given that i don't ovulate regularly, half the time i think i see something. then i have to wake up dh and ask, and ... it's just one big headache.

anyways, glad that O is near, and i hope you get a nice surprise bfp before next ivf round :o) *hugs*

arlnurse said...

yay for O!!! :) I love to see that eggie :) glad it was timed right! Enjoy your "single" week!

ventingvagina said...

girl, work it tonight! and then live it up for the next 5 days! my husband is out of town this weekend, too. i haven't made any plans, but i kinda feel like being alone anyway.

have fun with your girlfriends, but mostly have fun tonight!

lowfatlady said...

Yea for the peak :) Good luck!

tasivfer said...

I never admit it to him, but I love it whenever I get some time at home alone! Enjoy the single life.

Di said...

Stopping in for ICLW. Meds can delay ovulation for sure. When I took Femara I didn't ovulate until CD30 - no joke. I had a 45 day cycle!