Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home Again

Hola! I'm back from Puerto Rico and ready to roll!

We got back in late last night and I'm still catching up on work and settling back into the swing of things. My baseline ultrasound and bloodwork was today and I just received the thumbs-up on starting the micro.dose lu.pron tomorrow and the stims on Saturday.

I'll post more soon and I still need to catch up on all my lovely lady blogs! Glad to be back!


sienna said...

welcome back! hope you had an amazing trip :o)

i'm soo jealous that you get to start!! july feels sooo far away!

Leslie said...

Hello! I am going to PR in 10 days and am very excited. I would love to hear about your trip and if you have any recommendations.

Leslie said...

I meant to add: good luck with your cycle!! I am glad you were given the green light to start the microdose lupron. I was on the microdose lupron protocol for my IVF cycle last year!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I hope you had a great vacation! Wishing you tons of luck this cycle!!

sienna said...

hey there - check your gmail pls. just sent you an email :o)