Friday, June 25, 2010

Throw Me A Bone

I'm back at work and all I've been doing is surfing the web for anything that I can find on improving egg quality. It seems that each doctor and each clinic has their own opinions. Even my mom (who is in Korea right now) has chimed in with her two cents worth.

My mother is trying to convince me that I need to leave Doc for three months, live in Korea, take herbs and then do IVF at a clinic there. My cousin is a big-wig ob/gyn at one of the hospitals in Seoul and so knows some other big-wig RE at Maria IVF (the first clinic in Korea to do IVF), and supposedly, my cousin has guaranteed my mother that I will get pregnant if I do IVF in Korea.

Now, although I'd love to buy into this guarantee I have a hard time swallowing this gigantic, cockamaymie, crap-filled pill. Not only does this does this not make me feel any better right now, but it bugs the living crap out of me. I need reasonable, honest, helpful advice, not more shit-based rhetoric on how advanced Korea is and how things are just better if I do it out there. For god's sakes, what the hell would I do out there for 3 months?! I barely speak the language, I don't have any friends (other than my relatives who will all be in my business), and I'll be away from Doc! I have a hard enough time talking to the doctors here with all the medical jargon, let alone having to do it in Korean...Freakin' a.

On another note, I feel absolutely no symptoms. My nipples o' fire are now only smoldering because the HCG is almost out of my system and other than a few period like cramps, I'm feeling pretty much the same. I don't have very high hopes for next week's beta.


sienna said...

this is totally something my mom would say. umm, why would you have to go to korea to do herbs first though? isn't that something you can do from the comfort of your own home??? and husbands? who needs them apparently? heehee.

my mom said to me last week: "maybe you can get twins. my friend's daughter did ivf a few years ago and she has twins. they put in EIGHT and got twins. you should do the same" (cue korean accent and broken english).

um, mother dearest. i beg to differ. they did NOT "put in 8". i'm assuming she had 8 eggs at the end of the day, but they did NOT transfer 8.

i have trouble believing that korea is more advanced than the states. if you said japan, i'd possibly believe it, just bc of how far ahead they are with their electronic gadgets and such (therefore with medicine as well, is how my logic is going). ivf in korea when your korean isn't very good. i could barely order tell the cab drivers where i wanted to go last time i was there, so i can't even imagine being in a hospital and "trusting" ppl with my body. and btw, "maria ivf". only asians would name an ivf clinic weirdly like that.

and babe - "period like cramps" ARE a symptom!!! what day is beta????

hang in there!!! xoxoxoxo

christine said...

Oh my mom always tries to be helpful (poor unaware fertile)! Last year she told me that it was probably our non-stick pans that were causing our infertility. Oh boy!

I hope you can finds the answers you want and I'll be crossing my fingers that your beta next week surprises you!

ICLW #69

daega99 said...

I hope the rest of the 2ww flies by!


Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I had absolutely no symptoms AT ALL & was soooo convinced I wasn't pg this time!!

Keep your chin up...I'm rooting for you bigtime!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about you, & I don't know if this will help, or if it did anything for me, but I used DHEA 75mg up until my retrieval. I was on it for about 3 months, which is about how long it takes to have an effect. It's contraindicated for women with PCOS or a high testosterone, but other than that it's safe. I came across this article & found it interesting.

Jackie said...

Everyone thinks they have the answer, and parents are no exception. It's good that you have limits though - going to Korea, even if they're "more advanced", just seems a bit extreme, especially if you have a good doctor where you live.
Either way, good luck with the rest of the 2ww. Hopefully it goes by fast for you.

Waiting Lisa said...

There are already so many "what ifs" in infertility that it must be hard to be presented with something like that. Your logical brain is probably thinking there is no way they could guarantee that. But, then there has to be part of you also saying what if that would work. What if staying here is wrong.


I hope this cycle works for you so you don't have to even worry about it :)