Friday, June 11, 2010


Sorry if I've been MIA for the past few days, but there really wasn't much going on. I could've written some tirade about how stupid my boss is (that could've taken up several blogs) or how the government keeps its employees working in sweat-shop conditions (another full-time blog), but those are matters for another time.

Today I had my second ultrasound and E2 blood draw. So far, so good. I'm right on schedule and have 6 follicles on my right side and 4-5 on my left side (about the same count as last time). The biggest is an 10.7 on my left and the rest are ranging anywhere from 9-6mm. But, the best lining is at an all-time high of 8.1 and trilaminar to boot! I don't think I've ever had such a beefy lining this early in my cycle. The estrogen seems to have worked!

So, I'm going back in on Monday for another ultrasound and if all looks well, the retrieval will be set for Thurs or Friday of next week. Med amounts have remained the same with the addition of hepa.rin beginning Monday which means that I'll have to prepare for some major bruising.

I have a bit more faith this cycle mainly because I'm right on track in terms of my progress. Last cycle, I stimmed for 14 days and lining was barely 8 on the very last day. So, we're making progress and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is all going to work out!


sienna said...

yaaay for the lining and i'm sending *good vibes* for your follies to grow grow grow!!!

please don't forget us little people when you're pregnant :o) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Wow for the great lining so early. That is awesome. I hope the cycle continues to go well!

Lisa said...

woo hoo! thats a great report. i'm rooting for you here on the sidelines sooz!