Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dawn of the Dead

I feel like a zombie today -- straight out of a George Romero movie. Have I ever mentioned that I love zombie movies? Anyway, that's another story for another time. Today's topic is my ovaries.

Why do I feel like a zombie, you ask? Well, because I got very little sleep last night due to my ovaries cramping like a mofo. I have no makeup on and right now, I'm trying to figure out what my purpose is for the day (other than venting to you good folks).

The reason for the cramping? I had four nice, big juicy follicles which I think ovulated all at once. I did my trigger on Sunday morning and the IUI on Monday morning. At the time of the IUI, the right side was 21mm and the left side had three at 19.2, 20.6, and 22. With a lining of (drum roll, please): 9.1 without any estrogen supplements.

By far this has been my best cycle. I've never had a lining that thick without additional help and I've never reacted so well to the meds (even during my IVF cycles). Doc and I have been trying to figure out why, and we think it might be the combination of me eating more (I'm finally up to 1,800 calories/day) and the DHEA and maybe the herbs prescribed by my acu.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that something is happening in the right direction. Both Doc and I don't have high hopes for this cycle, but we are happy that we went for it because now we know that something I'm doing is working, so we just keep doing like we're doing.

Now, if I could just get through these cramps, I'd be a happy camper.


sienna said...

i will die laughing if you have quadruplets. can i at least hope that this works and you get twins out of it??? that lining sounds amazing, and 4 nice and juicy follies at the right size sounds like a nice big fat chance to me!! xoxo.

irrationalexuberance said...

It sounds as if, despite the cramping, the hormones, the bloating and all the other shit that comes with jacking up your ovaries, that this is a really great cycle. Four follicles sounds pretty awesome to me!

Anonymous said...

i think you have a KICK ASS chance at this working this cycle. i'm so impressed! go follies! go lining! you're doing everything right! keep it up!

i'll keep everything crossed and since you don't have high hopes, i'll have high hopes for you!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! But all for a good cause! It sounds great that you're responding so well this cycle. Fingers crossed and sticky vibes your way!

Lisa said...

i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it works! it all sounds pretty good to me!!

Geochick said...

Nice follies! heh. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yea for everything lining up to be an awesome cycle. I hope this is it for you.