Monday, October 11, 2010


Mondays are so difficult. It's just so hard to wake up and get going. Also, I think the progesterone is making things worse. I'm that much more groggy and just not feeling pleasant in general.

At this moment, I'm also super emotional. Typically, I'm the exact opposite. I'm the type of person that never cries in movies. I detest chick flicks. I scoff at others when they weep over a sad story and tell them to grow some cojones. But, last night I was watching 60 Minutes and they did a story on Nelson Mandela with excerpts of letters that he wrote while in prison. The letters were so strong and wise and sad...And before I knew it, I was tearing up.

I'm 7dpiui, so I have another week to go. I have another appointment scheduled with my RE today. I don't quite know what she's looking for, but she told me to come in 7dpiui, so I'm going in. Anyone have any clue as to why she'd want to do another ultrasound on me 7dpiui?

As for testing, I'm not all that excited by it. Actually, I'm dreading it. I really don't want to see another single lined test. It such a crappy feeling and I'd like to avoid it at all costs. So, I'm hoping that AF will just show her head and I can avoid having to take "the test."


lis said...

today they will be checking your lining to make sure you are absorbing the progesterone properly. hope that helps! and good luck ;)

lowfatlady said...

I agree with your above commenter, though my re's office never does it for me. Sounds like some positive symptoms even though you are teary ;)

sienna said...

hmm, i have no idea what your doc would be checking for, but i'm sure lis is right. which doc are you doing these iui's with? the doc who did you first ivf???

hang in there? the 2ww is a b*tch, but considering how well this cycle went for you. i have my fingers crossed :o)

ventingvagina said...

was your RE checking progesterone?

hope you're doing better sooz. and i'm hoping like hell that you see 2 lines. i know you're dreading testing, but i'm keeping everything crossed that this is what works for you. everything's been looking so good lately so no matter the outcome, you're on your way to becoming a momma soon! hugs!