Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome ICLW!

It's been awhile since I've joined ICLW. I confess that I needed a break from the blogs and the comments, but I'm back!

I'll start with an introduction to my journey and where I'll be headed in the next few months. Doc, my dear husband, and I have been married for three years and we've been TTC for almost 2 years. We spent our first year, just enjoying our newlywed status and traveling to Europe and Africa. In February of 2009, we decided to ditch the BCPs and start trying for our family. Like most people, we assumed that I'd be knocked up in a matter of a few months, but as the days roll by I notice something periods are very, very light and my luteal phase is only 8-9 days.

I report this to Doc and he says to just wait, sometimes it just takes awhile and most doctors won't even see you until you've been trying for at least 1 year. This is not a good answer. So, I take matters into my own hands, email my Ob/Gyn and tell a little white lie about how long we've been trying. She's very responsive, orders a few tests and then gets me an appointment with the RE at the Big-K HMO. I pass the tests with no real concerns and begin clomid.

Our plan is to do three rounds of IUI. So we do our first cycle of clomid with a nice big follicle, but very, very thin lining and no IUI because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Second round is letrazole with IUI. Again, one good follie, lining is still thin, so we supplement with estrogen which doesn't help much. Result: BFN. Third round is also a letrazole cycle with IUI. This time around, it takes me a long time to respond to the meds and thin lining again. Result: BFN.

Doc and I discuss matters and decided that we should go directly to IVF. According to the RE, she thinks we'll get knocked up on the first try. So, off we go. Based on our reaction to the meds, the new RE puts me on a BCP with an antagonist cycle. Unfortunately, the BCPs oversuppress me and I take almost 18 days to stim. From there, we retrieve 10 eggs with only 3 mature and 2 that fertilize. We decide to do a 2-day transfer of those 2 embryos which results in a BFN. The doc says that this ratio of mature: immature eggs is really rare and thinks our lack of mature eggs is due to the oversuppression, so he suggests we ditch the BCPs and try again.

For IVF #2, we head to another RE and he places us on a EPP (estrogen priming protocol) with a MDL cycle. We get almost identical results. 10 eggs retrieved, 2 are mature, 1 fertilized and 1 transferred at day 3. The result is a BFN. This time the RE suggests that it's an egg quality issue and that we should look into donor eggs.

So, for our last ditch effort, Doc and I are taking out the big guns. We're headed to CCRM and hoping that they can work their magic on us. We had our consultation with Dr. S and we've done our one day work up, so now it's just a waiting game until Jan 2011 to begin our cycle. We're most likely doing an EPP-antagonist cycle with CCS (comprehensive chromosome screening). Also, based on his recommendation, I've been taking DHEA prior to my cycle to help with egg quality. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


The Wifey said...

Wow what a ride... We are on IVF now for the first time and I'm soooo concerned about egg quality. And worried about being overly suppressed or the opposite (OHSS) ... this is so nerve wrecking and is consuming my life entirely... i know it's worth it.

I'm new to your blog through ICLW... will keep on tracking ya!!

Sending positive vibes your way!

The Crazy Cat Woman said...

What? You stole on of our top specialists from Australia? Send him back immediately please!

It sounds like you've been having a bloody difficult time of it. I'm also "old" (36) and have just had an unsuccessful fifth transfer of two "perfect" embryos, so I can imagine how fed up with it all you are.

Good luck with your new protocol. I'll be checking back to see how you're going.

sienna said...

i had no idea that the secret to ccrm was their lab. is there really a dearth of top notch embryologists?? i'm going to have to groom one :o)

where in south america are you guys going for you vacay? soo exciting. and time is going by very quickly lately, no? january will be here before you know it. xoxo.

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Visiting for ICLW! I will also be doing IVF#2 in January! I hope this new Dr and protocol is the answer for you!

ventingvagina said...

happy ICLW! :)

the big guns are gonna be just what you need! fingers crossed! i hope time flies by for you! xo!

RELH said...

Good luck with your upcoming cycle!

ICLW #26