Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Something To Chew On

I just finished talking to NO.VA in Palo Alto. They're a very small IVF shop, but people had pretty good things to say about the docs and about the level of service and personal attention.

I have to say that the doctor was very nice and I heard a few very interesting things. First off, he thinks that I can get pregnant with my own eggs. And second, he's seen this immature egg issue before several times and interestingly enough it's only been in asian women. He even said that as soon as he saw my paperwork and my IVF results, he assumed that I was of asian decent.

His protocol change recommendations were to switch to microdose HCG, regular lupron protocol, no menopur until the very end of the stims, and lastly stim for an additional 1-2 days past the typical day that they would do the HCG shot. He said that some women just have eggs that need to be stimmed a little longer.

Now, I'm not sure that I would end up going to this clinic, but talking to the doctor really put my mind at ease. As of now, I have 2 docs saying that there's still hope and only 1 doc saying it's time for DE. I have two more appointments to go, one with SIRM and another with CCRM, so I'm hoping that I'll hear good things back from them.

As for my other issue...I definitely ate more this weekend! For example, yesterday I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then for lunch/dinner I ate 5 ribs, some grilled veggies, half a cup of macaroni salad, some cherries, and a few cheese and crackers. That's a lot of food! :)


Anonymous said...

So glad the new doctor calmed your fears a bit and you have some more choices. I always have long cycles and have to inject for longer periods. So maybe thats the secret. Good luck!

sienna said...

this is my biggest fear!! this asian thing is NOT a coincidence, i'm telling you!!!

my doc mentioned giving 2 hcg shots (is that what the microdose hcg is?). but said we'd wait and see how things were going.

my first question on day 1 of monitoring will be "what percent of asian women have you knocked up with ivf"?????

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got some positive suggestions & I hope it made you feel better. Keeping everything crossed that you come up with a winning plan somewhere!

Dandelion Bud said...

i'm glad you're hearing there's still hope for your eggs. I'm sorry I don't remember what your AMH is. I wonder how many issues we have that are the same.

For both of my retrievals, half of my eggs were immature. the first, 3 out of 7 and the second 7 out of 13.

Each time we still wound up with 3 embryos... and well, you know how #2 wound up.

Even with POF, a shitty AMH and immature eggs, it was possible with my own eggs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck with SIRM and CCRM!!

Anonymous said...

i knew there was still hope for your eggs! hopefully you'll find a clinic that you feel good about. it sounds like NOVA is on to something though. i'm sorry you have to go through this, but i'm excited that they'll be able to get you on a regimen that works for you and your body.

congrats on eating more! :)

MC said...

Hi! I am so glad I found your blog. We have many similarities --

I am Korean, 34, live in SF, diagnosed with DOR, homozygous for MTHFR, and currently cycling with Dr.Z in Foster City. We were able to retrieve 7 eggs, 5 mature and all five fertilized. I transferred 3 5 day blasts and we're officially in the 2ww.

I will be following your blog! Please let me know how it goes with Nova. I had only heard positive things about Dr. Z and I would love to pick your brain on him...

Sooz said...

Welcome, MC! Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to email me at soomeister@gmail.com