Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At a New Low

I had one really s****y day. It started with the rain or should I say torrential downpour which made me late to get my first monitoring blood draw and ultrasound. By the time I got to Dr. P's office it was 8:30am. Ideally I would've been out the door and on the way to work at that time.

So, I get on the table. Dr. P uses his wand and voila! my follies are on the screen. On the screen but too small to do any measuring. He counted a possible 5 and 5 on each side, but he commented that they're not growing as fast as he'd like to see them grow. Wonderful...

After my stellar appointment, I hopped back in the car to fight traffic and head to work. But, as life would have it, I was not to go to work today...I spent one full hour circling my office looking for a parking spot. Nothing, nada, not even one tiny space to try squeezing into. In all, I spent 1.5 hours looking for parking, after which I gave up and decided to "work from home."

Side note: As you can tell, my office has a crisis -- a parking crisis. If you so much as think about showing up to work after 10am, you will find yourself in parking hell from which you will most likely never find a way out.

Getting home takes me over an hour (on a good day, it takes me 30 min) because there was an accident with a big rig and a small auto which blocked 3 lanes of a 4 lane freeway. By the time I get home, it's after noon. I'm hungry, tired, and very unmotivated.

I get on my computer and what good news greets me? Yes, my estradiol number. It's at an outrageous 29! Wow, my ovaries are working overtime, aren't they? WTF?! I search online and people are commenting that their E2 is low because it's at an 80-something. You want to compare low numbers?

As expected, I get the call from Nurse Sweetie and she tells me not to worry and just up my foll.istim to 300. This should get those follies growing and increase my E2. Yeah, whatever, man...I'll believe it when I see it.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a crappy day. Don't feel bad about your e2 levels. If it's still early in the cycle you have time. Most of my numbers didn't start to go up until like day 18-19, but I'm not a short cycler. I hope things are better for you tomorrow and your numbers go up.

sienna said...

ugh, i hope you've recovered from the bad day. how about you and i average our estradiol numbers, and then mine can be lower and yours higher. sounds like a fair trade??

on a happier note, it's still early enough for them to get your numbers up and those follies can grow like crazee in just 2 days time, so it'll get better :o)

Anonymous said...

giant (((HUGS)))!!! I have definitely been there! Some people don't respond as well to a total synthetic like follistim, ( like me) & need much higher doses. If you were on Lupron before, you could be very suppressed as well. It's very early in your cycle, & that's what all the u/s & b/w are for, so they can adjust your doses as needed.

don't lose hope!! I'm sending tons of "grow follie!" vibes!!