Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Transfer Complete!

All done. Now it's just a matter of waiting. Patience is a virtue.

Doc and I headed out yesterday morning to our last doctor's appointment for the next two weeks. I took it very seriously when they said to come with a full bladder, so when I got to Dr. P's office, I was in pain and in dire need to go pee.

Dr. P did a quick check to see how full my bladder was and immediately told me to go relieve myself for 10 seconds. Way too much water! Another check -- let out some more. Another check -- one more, another 10 seconds. So, I guess I went a little overboard with the water, but after three trips to the bathroom, my bladder was right where Dr. P wanted me to be. He even said he was very impressed that I was able to hold my bladder at that capacity.

Right before the procedure, we spoke with the embryologist who explained to us the quality of our embryos. Basically, we retrieved 3 mature eggs and 5 partly mature and 2 very immature. They ICSIed the mature and partly immature and of the mature 3, 2 fertilized. One of the 5 partly matured ended up maturing all the way, however, it didn't end up fertilizing and thus, we had only the 2 fertilized eggs.

As of that morning, the two embryos had about 15-20% fragmentation which is about average and one was still a 2-cell and the other had grown to a 5-cell. They rated the quality of the eggs a 2 (1 being the best, 3 being the worst). They said the rarely see many 1s and in most cases embryos are a 2.

When we asked Dr. P and the embryologist why I ended up with so many immature eggs, they really didn't have a good answer. Dr. P said he could only guess that perhaps it was due to the slow start that I had as a result of being over-suppressed from the birth control pills. I also asked why we were doing a 2-day transfer and Dr. P explained that there have been studies done that showed the same if not better rates of implantation with a 2-day transfer and that he thought it wasn't worth it to risk losing an embryo by waiting another day, particularly since we only had 2 to work with. His thought is waiting is only good if you're trying to determine which embryos are the heartiest for transfer, otherwise, the best place for those embryos are inside the uterus.

So, now here I am, on the couch, watching the Today Show. Relaxing for the next couple of days at home and trying not to think much about anything in particular. We'll know in 2 weeks if it was all worth it.


sienna said...

that 5 cell embie sounds like a winner to me!!

i hope you're just taking it easy and chillin today. how long's your bedrest?

i've already made appts with the top 3 RE's in manhattan. getting a game plan in action for round 2. it sounds like my RE's started stimming me too hard and your's didn't start stimming you hard enough. hmmm, i think we average out to a normal person. i agree with you, my new goal in life is to be AVERAGE.

Anonymous said...

sounds like everything went perfect! Hope you can relax & let those embies snuggle in tight!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you. Keep relaxing & working on that virtue. I'm sending you lots of sticky dust!!

Anonymous said...

LOL about having to pee to empty your bladder some. I am glad to hear your transfer went well. I hope this is it for you!

Anonymous said...

sending positive vibes your way! your embie report sounds great. try not to get too hung up on the numbers side of it. the only numbers you need to worry about are the TWO embryos that are snuggling in and the DATE of your beta. :)

p.s. what an awesome bladder! jealous! i'm always joking that i have a "tiny tank." haha. i can't hold my pee for the life of me.