Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still Waiting

I haven't written in a couple of days because really there's nothing much to report. I've had a few cramps and I've been a bit constipated, but otherwise, I feel perfectly fine. Prune juice is my new BFF.

This two week wait is definitely going to be painful and it's actually 16 days versus 14 days because I had my retrieval on a Sat and they won't do the test on a weekend, so I have to wait until Monday, 3/29 to go in for the blood work. Sucks.

So, what am I occupying myself with as I wait to see if I'm knocked up? Internet shopping. I'm a product whore and I love Sephora, so I've been buying stuff left and right. Really bad considering we just spent a ton of money on IVF, but I've got to do something other than surf IF sites, right?

We're also planning a trip for next weekend. A short local trip to San Simeon, Big Sur and Monterey. I've lived in CA all my life (with a short 4-year stint in NY for college) and I've never been to Hearst Castle. So, we're doing the tourist thing and taking a nice drive down Highway 1 to take in the beautiful coastline and enjoy the spring weather. Hopefully, the rain will stay away!


Anonymous said...

I've been internet shopping too :) I just got a messenger bag for work. I hope the 2ww flies.

Anonymous said...

i'm totally shopping while i'm laying around this weekend! shoes will be my poison. :)

what did you buy? i am obsessed with bare minerals.

i'm one day behind you for my beta: 3/30. we can wait out this 2 week wait together. enjoy your trip next weekend. that's a great way to pass some time. will you POAS before your beta?

keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Alex said...

Hope you're enjoying this weekend, and trying to stay busy so you're not thinking too much. I'm dropping in from ICLW - and sending you good BFP vibes!!!

tomi said...

I've been trying to keep away from online shopping, especially etsy - too many things I wanted!

Hope all goes well!


Heather said...

Sometimes a little diversion is just the ticket! Hope you have a wonderful time and that 2ww seems like only 2days!


Love B&P said...

I hope your 2ww zooms by and internet shopping, particularly Sephora products, may be the perfect thing to help! Sending lots of sticky dust and BFP vibes your way...

take care!
Laura [ICLW #96]

Anonymous said...

shopping is never a bad idea! Hope the 2WW will fly by for you. keeping everything crossed!!!

Anonymous said...

How funny - I live in Tasmania, Australia and my husband and I have been to Hearst Castle before you! :-)