Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving On

Now that I've sort of come to terms with the results of my beta HCG. I'm trying to think of what to do next. What will our next steps be? Do we stay with our Dr. P? Or move on to Dr. Zed? Or do we take out the big guns and go to CCRM?

For the moment, I guess my next step is to wait for the freakin' call from my clinic! Yes, that's right, they have yet to call me with the actual results. Well, how did I find out that I am not knocked up? Because Doc was able to see the results of the blood work at 9am since he works in the same HMO as my clinic and so, he broke the news to me. I understand as much as the next person that delivering bad news sucks, but it's been 4+ hours since they had this info, you'd think that they'd let me know.

Once I get that phone call from them, I'll schedule a WTF appointment with Dr. P and also schedule one with Dr. Zed and perhaps one with CCRM. I'm going to get some answers on why my eggs were immature and what changes I can make to the protocol. I'm thinking that adding estrogen priming to the beginning of my cycle might help and/or not placing me on bcps since I seemed to have been oversuppressed. But, hopefully between the three appointments, I'll get some good information and be on my way to IVF #2 (and my final cycle).


sienna said...

babe - did you figure out if your dr z is the same as the dr z that the other girls go to??? from all the research i've done, stimming too long or too short of time makes a difference, and we were each on opposite ends of the spectrum in that regard, yet we both got immature eggies. i really really think you'll do soo much better starting off higher (didn't they jack your dose up in the middle of stimming). regardless of who you go with next, i have high hopes for you next time around :o)

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work this time. It is frustrating that they've had the results so long and haven't called you with them yet... thinking of you and hoping for a bfp in your next cycle!

lowfatlady said...

That's really annoying that they haven't called you. I hope they call you soon and that your wtf appointment goes well and that you get some answers.

ventingvagina said...

i'm so sorry. good luck with your WTF appt. i'm hoping the learnings from this cycle will be applied to your next (and final!) cycle. i'm rooting for you! hugs.