Monday, March 1, 2010

Who Needs a Shot?

Just get in line and let me stick it to you -- I'm a pro!

After just three days of poking my tummy, I can do this in my sleep. Well, maybe not in my sleep, but I've definitely got it down. No more shaking hands, no more racing heart. I don't even need Doc's help anymore.

The foll.istim has been easy from day one, just because we have the pen and using the pen makes the process so much simpler. The men.opur not so much. This one is definitely a lot more complicated particularly since I'm injecting 150mg. The mixing and then ensuring that I have at least .7ml in the syringe was not so easy, but I'm getting the hang of it and yesterday night, I got the full .8ml!

I haven't felt any side effects as of yet. I'm feeling a little bloating, but nothing too bad. I can't tell whether that's a good thing or bad. Should I be feeling a little more bloated or something as an indicator to tell me that the meds are working their magic?

I go in for my first monitoring ultrasound and blood work tomorrow. I'm hoping and praying that the meds are doing the trick and the follies are growing big and strong!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome that you are doing so well with the injections. I hope I can get that good. Good luck with your monitoring appointment!