Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a Numbers Game

Well, we may have a reason behind our inability to conceive. Doc has done multiple SAs in the past few months and all have been about average. The morphology numbers based on the WHO scale wavered around 30-35%, so not stellar, but definitely nothing to worry about.

Dr. P suggested that we do another sperm analysis using the Kruger scale, and we got the results back yesterday. Other numbers were good, but morphology was at 7%, meaning 93% were abnormal. Not great news...

So, being the anal person that I am, I went on the internet and did a whole lot of research. Seems that these morphology numbers are really subjective. Some docs put a lot of weight on them, others don't give a hoot. I also read that the Kruger scale is very strict, so not many men receive "normal" which is above 14%. That being said, Doc's wasn't even close to 14%.

We're not overly concerned about the numbers at this point because we're doing IVF and we've already decided to use ICSI, but I'm glad that this may give me a reason as to why things haven't been going all that well. Between his lower-than-average morphology and my lower-than-average follicle count, maybe IVF was our only option.

This also gives me some relief that maybe, just maybe, it doesn't have anything to do with lining or implantation or some random immunological issue. This gives me renewed hope that maybe, just maybe, IVF will work.

“Dum spiro, spero (Latin): While I breath, I hope."


Anonymous said...

you have every reason to be hopeful that the IVF will work, especially with ICSI. We too, have morphology problems, due to antibodies on the heads of the sperm. out of 3 mature eggs, we had only 1 that fertilized with the ICSI, but I think it might have been more of an egg quality issue for us.

wishing you the best of luck this cycle & glad I have an "IVF buddy" even though I'll be about 2 weeks behind you! :)

Anonymous said...

it will work! it will work!

Leslie said...

Best wishes for your IVF!! I hope it works its magic for you!!! Happy ICLW!

sienna said...

hey soo - 7% even on kruger's morphology is still pretty good. at the very least, you guys are going to get a LOT OF GREAT SPERM for icsi, so yaay!!

Dandelion Bud said...

Did your doc do your FSH or AMH levels? I'm just curious. Good luck this cycle!