Thursday, February 25, 2010


Why am I so nervous?! I start the folli.stim and the men.opur tomorrow and I've got butterflies in my stomach. Does that make any sense? I mean, I don't even have to do anything but stand there and wait until Doc gives me the shots. So, what's with the case of nerves?

I think it might have to do with anticipation of this cycle really being THE cycle. I never felt this way with the IUIs, but I actually have some glimmer of hope this time around. Maybe things will work out? At the same time, though, I'm so scared of knowing the results at the end of tunnel.

I think I read in someone's blog (I'm sorry I forget who), but it was very poignant. She said that IVF was her last shot, her glimmer of hope and by going to IVF she was using up her last shot. I know exactly what she means...this is it. This is our last option. If this doesn't work, we can try IVF again, but there's no taking it the next level.

So, we're pulling the trigger tomorrow and we're going to give it our best shot. Speaking of shots...According to my calendar, I'll be taking the foll.istim in the AM and meno.pur in the PM. Nurse Sweetie emphasized that we need to take the shots at the same time every day. Not one hour later, or one hour earlier, but at the same time. What did you do when you couldn't be at home to take the shots? Did you take on the road with you?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it was my blog that you read that on, but those are my exact thoughts!!! starting IVF #2 I'm scared...scared of it not working again, where do we go from here?

I'm wishing you tons of luck! I hope that you can see the positive, & that you can have hope, because as one of my fellow IF'ers said to me once, you have the best chance of being pg that you ever had in your life!

sending reassuring (((HUGS)))!

Infertile said...

Best of luck with this cycle both physically and mentally!

sienna said...

don't be worried!! it must be a relief that since your dh is a doctor, that he'll be a pro with the shots! i'm such a control freak, i wasn't going to let dh do my shots, but he's turned out to be a pro! right before the start of stims, i kept telling dh he shoulda studied medicine i/o of finance, but he's been great :o)

you're getting nervous bc it's getting more real, right? stats on ivf are soooooooooooo much better than iui. this'll work, don't think otw!

Anonymous said...

good luck!

i had a time where i had to take one of my shots 1.5 hours later due to a delayed flight. it had no ill effects. i went on to produce 18 eggs! so try not to stress about it too much!

and about not being able to take it to the next level - as someone who is now moving onto FET, i can tell you that this phase is way less stressful than the fresh IVF cycle. true, i can't take it up a notch, but it's wonderful to be able to just cruise through with no surprises. BUT - you won't need to worry about taking it up to the next level, because this will work for you!

Dandelion Bud said...

My nurse gives me a one hour window to do my stims. The only shot that's timed on the nose is trigger. Good luck!

Willow said...

IVF really is bringing out the big guns, and I definitely felt going into my IVF cycle that this was "it"--both in the positive, hopeful sense, and in the negative, last-resort sort of way. Well, here I am two years after that ended in loss and we are with a new RE and trying IUI again. I hope your road from here isn't as long but I think there are other options and new directions even when you think you're on a certain path. Good luck this cycle!