Thursday, February 4, 2010

Answers to Questions - He Wrote Back!

Ah, what a relief! Dr. P wrote back and gave me his two cents on why he was recommending the antagonist protocol.

Back when I was doing my first cycle of clo.mid, I did the CCT (clo.mid challenge test). They measured my FSH at CD 3 and then again at CD 10. On CD 3, my FSH level was 6.8, but on CD 10 it had gone up to 9.6. Now, during the meeting with us, he did mention that the CD 10 was a little bit of a concern because it was so close to 10, but he also said that my numbers on CD 3 were very good and that my estrodial numbers during the clo.mid cycle were also very good. So, he wasn't overly concerned. But, I guess he was concerned enough that he decided to do the antagonist protocol versus the normal long lupron protocol.

Next up, Dr. Z's consult!