Friday, February 5, 2010

Uphill Battle

That's what it feels like, an uphill battle.

I got a call from the Dr. P's IVF nurse who told me that Dr. P was fully booked for March's cycle and could not take us on. The news came as a total shock to me because although I wasn't 100% sure I'd be going with Dr. P, I was 90% sure and Doc and I had started to make plans regarding when we'd do this and that.

We had made appointments for my initial ultrasound, the IVF training and Doc's sperm analysis. I had talked to the IVF coordinator on Monday to confirm our spot and I had envisioned in my mind that Dr. P was my doc. I'd even received an email from him justifying the protocol that he'd chosen to go with. And now this!

It just seems that the course of the world is against us in trying to have a child. How is this possible? I just don't understand...Between this and the injectables fiasco, I feel like I'm fighting a war on two fronts. One dealing with my actual infertility and the other dealing with doctors, protocols, insurance and all the BS associated with TTC. Why is this so difficult?


LowFat said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry. How frustrating. Did you ask why did you get so much information about your upcoming cycle if they weren't going to take you?

Sooz said...

Thanks for the comment. According to the nurse, the doc just didn't realize that he had filled all his spots. Yeah, lame excuse, but what are you going to do...