Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yes, the dates have been confirmed and all systems are a go! The IVF Case Manager at Dr. P's office called and sent me the tentative schedule for my March IVF. It's such a relief after all the ups and downs that we've been through.

I go in on Friday for my first sonogram and an antral follicle count and then they'll be able to confirm what protocol I'll be using. Right now, Dr. P thinks I should be doing the Antagonist Protocol, but we'll know for sure in a few days.

Tonight I start BCPs...Funny that I should be starting BCPs to get knocked up, but hey, that's the way it works. But, since we're not actively TTC this month and Dr. P said it was ok, I'm going snowboarding!!

We're going to Vegas this weekend, but next weekend, I'm in Tahoe, baby! Enjoying the fresh powder and riding those mountains. Just the thought of this has made my day! I'm a much happier camper right now.