Thursday, February 18, 2010

$100 here, $1,000 there...

Ah, it's just money, right? Not! I can't believe how expensive these stinkin' meds are. What a rip?! Seriously, how much does it cost to make foll.istim and how much are you selling it for? I'm not sure which is worse -- the health insurance industry or the pharma industry?

As you can probably tell, I just paid for my meds for this cycle. I didn't even purchase everything the clinic ordered and it came out to 2,900 buckaroos! What gets me is that I took some of these same meds for my IUI cycles and they were covered under my Kai.ser insurance, but because this is IVF, I'm SOL.

But, hey, what can you do? We're at the mercy of the man and right now, I'm not in the position nor the mood to fight.

I got my foll.istim coming and my men.opur. I'll be taking 225 of the foll.istim in the AM and 150 of the men.opur in the PM. Luckily, I won't have to do any of my own injections. That's where having Doc comes in handy (that and asking questions while watching House).

Package comes tomorrow! I'll take a pic of all my goodies.


sienna said...

it's crazy how much this stuff costs. i'm on my 1st ivf cycle as well, starting stims tonight. good luck!!

Anonymous said...

It stinks that stuff is so expensive. I hope the med's do the trick and work out for you this cycle. I am ordering follitism for the first time and I am hoping my insurance covers it. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

yeah, the prices suck. thankfully, i had gonal-f donated which saved me thousands! it'll be worth it! good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's so annoying to think that Kai.ser covers everything else BUT IVF! We're in the same boat, and since we're still at the very beginning planning phases we don't know if our meds will come out to be $2K or $4K. It's enough to make you want to jump off a curb.

But it's all worth it in the end and I'm wishing you all the best!!