Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Been a Busy Weekend

Well, what can I say...I guess I knew it was going to come and this IUI cycle #2 was going to end in a bust. I woke up on Saturday with a bit of spotting, but I didn't think much of it because I've never spotted while on progesterone. When the spotting became heavier on Sunday, I knew there was no denying it. I did the test, which came out stark white, and then stopped the progesterone.

On a happier note, though, Doc told me that I should email Dr. P and see if there was anyway that he could fit us in to the March schedule. Since they both work for the same HMO, Doc was hoping that Dr. P would be a little bit more accommodating. Well, it worked! Dr. P said he could squeeze us in to do the stimulation the first week in March and then do the transfer the second week in March. This means I have to reschedule a business trip that I have, but that's a minor inconvenience.

As for the phone consultation with the Dr. Hollywood...He's very good, really informed and very thorough. But, I think we're going to go with Dr. P. We really liked him and in the end both clinics have the two highest IVF success rates in Northern CA. We decided if the cycle or cycles with Dr. P aren't successful, we'll probably try with Dr. Hollywood. I'm praying it doesn't come to that, though.

And lastly (it's been a pretty busy weekend), we've been dealing with whether or not to tell our families about this IVF business. I know that I do not feel comfortable telling Doc's family. His parents are very conservative and have a tendency to say things that are flat out rude. Not necessarily because they mean to be rude, but because they don't filter their thoughts. Also, I don't feel comfortable having my sister-in-laws (Doc has two brothers who both have children) know all about our business. Not that they aren't nice people, I just don't know them well enough and it's just none of their business.

Unfortunately, Doc's family has decided to have a family weekend in Tahoe from March 12-14 to celebrate Doc's birthday and my MIL's birthday. This coincides with the transfer week, which means I probably won't be able to make it up. We haven't come up with a good excuse yet, so we'll see how it all plays out, but even if the transfer is completed before this weekend, the last thing I need is stress from hanging out with the in-laws.