Monday, March 8, 2010

Slow Going

That about sums it up. It's been real slow going with my follicles. I had an appointment on Saturday and this morning to check the size of my follicles and measure my E2. So far, my E2 has been tripling and I had 5 follicles on my right side and 5 follicles on my left. The biggest follicle being 14.5. I'm actually pretty happy that I have 10 follicles at this point. I was expecting a lot less just because my antral follicle count was only a 9.

Based on my numbers, Dr. P thinks that my retrieval will be on Sunday. That means I will have stimmed for 15 days. I don't have any more room on my stomach for shots! Oh, and for some reason the shots I gave myself on my left side have left some massive bruises. I think I must insert the needle incorrectly since I'm right-handed. To support this theory, the right side of my stomach has no bruises. Anyone else have this issue?

And another added bonus of stimming for 15 days -- more meds. I have now spent $6,000 in meds. The additional days of stimming have cost me another whopping $1,600. We're accruing points on our credit card like there's no tomorrow.

I go in again on Wednesday for another blood draw and follicle check and then again on Friday. I'm also running out of veins for blood draws. Joy!

Edited: Holy bloat! The gani.relix has just pushed me over the bloating edge. Seeing my distended, bruised belly has just put life in a different perspective.


sienna said...

hang in there!! that's interesting about you bruising only on one side. the same happened to me, altho dh gave me all my shots. i'm now a great proponent of stimming more than less, given my immature eggies this round. i hope your follies keep growing!!

Anonymous said...

I always bruise from the shots, but I think on both sides. Glad to hear everything's going so well! My RE usually does 10 days of stimming, but this time, I'll insist on more time if I need it, since I've heard too many success stories of stimming longer.

Sending more grow follies grow vibes!!!

Anonymous said...

Slow going is good. that means they are still growing well and not getting overstimulated. You can do it. Your almost there :)

sienna said...

hey soo - can you remind me again why your doc has you on baby aspirin? does he put all ivf girls on it, or is there a specific reason?