Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Update

Sorry, my posts are not going to be very entertaining...Mostly just filled with a lot of monitoring mumbo-jumbo. Which leads me to my latest stats below:

Right: 13, 13, 12, 12, 11 (plus 2 <5mm)
Left: 11, 11, 11, 5
E2: 735

So far it looks like I have 8 in the running with 1 possible catch up and two that are way too small. I was hoping for more, but am thankful that all of them seem very close in size. So, no issues with a dominant follicles/follicles.

I'm scheduled to have my ER on the 20th, but I've been reminding everyone at CCRM about my immature eggs and telling them that I want to be stimmed for at least one more day, if not, a couple more days. During my last cycle, I stimmed for 12 days and that cycle was a huge bust. I'm definitely going to push for at least 13-14 days...That would put my ER at the 22nd or 23rd. So, I'm definitely going to be extending my calendar.

I'm also monitoring my E2 closely. I'm going to insist that I not trigger until I'm at about 2500. My last two cycles I was at 1,600 and 1,800 and the results were terrible. When I last talked to Dr. Surrey, he said with 10 mature eggs, he would be looking for E2 values between 2,000 and 2,500, so that's what I'm going to insist on.

I've been pretty complacent with my last two cycles and have gone along fairly well with what the doctors have suggested, but this time around I'm going to have to be my own advocate and go with my gut feelings.

As for my life outside of CCRM, DH and I have been spent our last couple of days in Denver watching matinees and going shopping at the outlets. The weather has been beautiful and quite warm, so there's definitely nothing to complain about on that end.


Rambler said...

Sorry to not have caught up with you earlier, its been hard to get online around here! But finally a Saturday to sit back and catch up. I am thrilled about the weather here too, much better than the snow and ice back home.

Looks like both of us are doing the slow and steady race! Interesting to see what E2 number you are hoping to trigger at, I'll have to ask my nurse what we are looking for. Last time mine was about 2200, and looking back, I wish I had stimmed an extra day or two (maybe those immature ones would have caught up!).

Hope you're doing well, we've got a bunch of stuff planned for the weekend and then I have to be back working (remotely) on Monday (how did you get 2 weeks off? That's awesome).

sienna said...

love it - 8 good sized follies all around the same size. i stimmed 1 day past maturity. stimming more than that can cause your e2's to fall (which happened to me both times by merely stimming a day extra), but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. sounds like your RE is on the same page with you though. hang in there!!! xoxo.

lastchanceivf said...

Having done five IVFs (two at CCRM) and always had maturity/fertilitization issues on our last cycle at CCRM I asked for a double trigger (also stimmed a long damn time) and we had the most mature eggs with the most fertilize on that cycle. I had Dr. M. Maybe the double trigger would help? Of course, my E2 was about 7,000 at trigger so they hated letting me do it but we were doing a freeze-all so OHSS risk was much lower...and they made me take Dostinex post trigger to help control the E2. Good luck!!

AP said...

Hi Sooz! Just saw your comment on my blog and I agree - humor is an absolute MUST when dealing with this mess! Thanks for the reminder.

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Sounds like you are enjoying CO! Your numbers look good. Be sure to voice your thoughts to your Dr! You know your body best! Thinking of you!

ventingvagina said...

great update! and continue pushing for what you think is right, although it doesn't sound like you have to push too hard because your doc sounds like he's on the same page. thinking of you! keep growing, follies!! enjoy denver!

Teresa said...

Good Luck Sooz, keeping you in my thoughts!

lowfatlady said...

Looks like lots of good follies with great potential. Hoping for you!

arlnurse said...

Sounds like things are going really well this time! I don't blame you for being your own advocate! I did the same myself last time around & it ended up very well. Wishing you tons of good luck! :)