Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 4

After 3 days of 300IU Go.nal-F and 150 Meno.pur, my stats are:

Right Ovary: 9 follies (ranging from 4.6 - 7.9)
Left Ovary: 6 follies (ranging from 4.8 - 7.3)

E2: 70
LH: 3.2
Progesterone: <0.5

It looks like a better follicle count than my last two cycles, but the E2 is still a bit low, so I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from CC.RM to see if they decide to up my dosage or keep me the same.

And the last bit of news is that we leave for Denver tomorrow! Both Doc and I will be out there for the full 2 weeks and luckily, my work has been very understanding so I'll not be required to work while I'm out of state. I'm hoping that the rest and time away from work will help this cycle.


AP said...

Thank you for your comment. It's so nice to hear that other people have gone through this. If you haven't been there, it's hard to understand how being "too thin" can be a problem. It's also hard to not punch the person in the face who's complaining about being too thin.

Have fun in Denver and good luck this time around!!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Keep us posted while you are in Denver! I love that you get to relax for the two weeks during treatment! Fingers crossed for you!

arlnurse said...

Sounds like you have quite the bunch there!! Wishing you tons of good luck this time around!!!

ventingvagina said...

wooohooo soo! things are moving along so well! looking forward to your next update. hope your trip to CO went smoothly! i'm thinking of you and sending your follies lots of love!