Monday, January 10, 2011

Bloat and Other Cool Things Happening To My Body

First off, thank you everyone for your support!! I so look forward to your comments!

I started the stims this weekend and I feel the bloat setting in...I'm not peeing like I usually do AND even though I haven't been eating that much, I still feel very full (that's the most sure sign). I've been feeling like this since I started the estrace a couple weeks back but sure enough, it's getting worse. I don't even want to think about stepping on the scale because I'll freak out and if I freak out, I won't eat or I'll go on a mad exercise binge and I cannot do either of those things. So, I'm just going to take deep breaths and not think about how I feel.

I had one hell of a time with the Go.nal-F pen...The last two cycles I've used Foll.istim and since I'm a pro at that I thought the Go.nal-F pen would be a breeze. Not so much. I wasn't quite sure about the whole pulling-the-dosage-tab-thing. I think I may have not given myself the full 300 IU dosage the first time because I was afraid to pull the tab too hard. Second time around, though, I was prepared and I pulled that sucker as far as it would go out and I think I finally got the hang of it.

Can I just say that Meno.pur must be devil water! I always seem to forget how much that sh*t burns. I can't believe I pay $80/vial for that.

And my last rant, my face...It's dry and oily and zitty all at the same time. How does this happen? By the end of the day, my nose and forehead have a nice shiny sheen from having sucked all the moisture out of my cheeks and around my mouth. And then, low and behold, I have two beautifully matching red zits on my nose and chin.

I feel oh so pretty today.


Brave IVF Girl said...

Each click of the Gonal F pen is 37.5, so you can count your clicks and make sure it's the right dose. It's funny - I guess whichever med you start with is the one you like. I got a free sample of Follistim last year to get me through an extra day or two of stims, and I didn't like it. I think the Gonal F needle hurts less. :)

Walgreens sells me Menopur at $70 a vial (I use Discorex in Palo Alto) so you may be able to save a little money there.

Good luck!

sienna said...

i swear to god, the gonal-f pen is not my friend. i always used the vials, which is more work, but for the 2nd cycle, we ended up with a pen midway during the cycle. we f*cked it up. i called the pharmacy in a panic and my RE's office as well. it's supposed to be dummy-proof, but i guess i can only do things when they are HARD. after that, for cycle #3, we paid more to use the vials bc we couldn't deal with the pen. ridic, huh???

get used to those zits, girlfriend. i never had bad acne during puberty, but since i got pregnant, my forehead looks like that of a 13 yr old teenage boy. they are like SORES, not zits, they are so big and hurt so much and are ALL OVER MY FOREHEAD. i hope you are spared this :o)