Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Beginning...

So, I start from the beginning. Compared to many other bloggers, my story isn't as long, but I think it might help others who are in the same or similar situation.

According to my husband, we met a long time ago, at church, when I was in high school and he was in college. According to me, we "officially" met and started dating in February 2006. Although, we ran in the same circle of friends, we never really had a chance to connect until we realized that we both had a love of skiing/snowboarding. With a well-timed trip to Tahoe, things started rolling along and by November 2007, we were married!

We postponed having kiddies so we could focus on traveling. We spent the first year of our marriage trekking our way through Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa. It was an amazing experience and don't regret it all.

So, immediately after taking my last malaria med, we started trying to make the baby. No doubt I would get knocked up immediately. But, three months rolled around and then 5 months and then 6 and nothing. No BFP, no two lines, nada.

During this time, I had been charting my BBTs and noticed that although I was ovulating my luteal phase was consistently 8-9 days and my periods were extremely light. After talking to my OB/GYN, she recommended that I cut down on my exercise (I was running 10 miles/week plus 2 spinning classes and pilates). So, I cut that out and added acupuncture to the regimen.

After another three months of BFNs, in September 2009, I went to talk to an RE. And she shipped me off for an HSG which came back all clear. I also did the arsenal of blood tests (i.e., TSH, FSH, estrodial, progesterone, etc.) and the results were all normal. Husband also had his SA done in September and it was also normal. The diagnosis -- unexplained infertility.

Our next plan of attack in November was to do 100mg of Clomid (the Clomid Challenge) and an IUI. Fortunately, I passed the Clomid Challenge. Unfortunately, the IUI landed on the Thanksgiving holiday so we did it the old-fashioned way. My ovaries responded well to the Clomid and gave me two nice follies, however, my lining didn't do too well and it was less than 4mm on CD 11. Two weeks went by and the results came back: BFN.

And that brings us to December 2009, where we tried 5mg of Femara/Letrazole and IUI. This time the timing was good and we were able to do the IUI, but the results are back and it's a BFN.