Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ovary in Overdrive

GAWD! My ovaries feel like they are on the 24-hour shift. Definite activity going on and it seems that only my left one is doing all the work. Is it just me or does everyone have a more "dominant" ovary? Even when I seemingly ovulate from my right side, my left ovary pitches in and produces a few follies, too. But, when my left ovary is up to bat, my right one decides to take it easy and it produces nothing -- leaves all the work to it's partner.

I'm so hoping that my little left ovary has produced some good follies. It definitely feels like it, but you never really know until you go in for that ultrasound. Tomorrow is the day, so I'll know by 9am if we're doing the IUI on Thursday or if I'm going to have to wait for those follies to grow a bit more.

For some odd reason the side effects aren't as bad this time around. Maybe it's because I'm less stressed since I've been through everything already and the holidays aren't messing with the schedule or maybe it's just because my body is used to all the extra hormones. I'm sure once I start the progesterone I'll feel the wonderful bloating, gas and constipation (I know...TMI).

Also, maybe it's because of the herbs I'm taking provided to me by my previous acu. They're actually palatable because they're in pill format. About 50 small black balls contained in one larger wax covered ping pong ball. I take half in the morning and half in the evening. I'm hoping that they beef up my lining. Last two cycles I didn't take any herbs and both had pretty pathetic lining numbers.

Or, maybe it's because of the alien body abduction where I've been turned into a blue alien that has a USB connection to all the other animals and plants on the planet...oh, wait...sorry, that's just another reason I've saved up if this IUI comes up with a BFN.