Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running Ragged

Work has been very slow. I'm not sure if it's because people are still recovering from holiday mode or because of the cold or just because they'd rather be somewhere else. Whatever the reason, it's been very slow in the office.

As a result, I have loads of time to write on my blog. And the topic for this post is: Exercise. I love it! I love the feel you get when you're out of breath and you have to push that extra mile. I love seeing my heart rate monitor tell me that I'm working above close to my maximum level. I love the endorphin rush, the sweat, the thrill of accomplishment.

Everyone has told me, though, that this love for cardio may be a contributing factor to my light periods and short luteal phase. So since July 2009, I've been cutting back ever so slowly on my exercise.

That brings me to January 2010, and I haven't gone running for over 3 months and haven't taken a spinning class in 1 month. It's been a diet of yoga and walking. And although, yoga and walking are great, they just don't do it for me. I feel like a slug.

But, that's not the best part, the best part is now that it's winter and my favorite sport is available for me, I can't go. I love to snowboard. I live to snowboard and usually, by now, I've already gone to Tahoe at least half a dozen times. I try not to think about it, but when I see the weather reports and see there's snow up there in them mountains, I can't help but feel a little bit of me withering away.

In other, more simpler words: Life Sucks.