Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Sleep

AH! I got a wonderful night of sleep last night. I guess being exhausted does the trick. I was still a bit tired when the alarm went off, but it was nice to be woken up by the alarm clock rather than being awake and waiting for the alarm to go off.

So, today I have two big appointments. I have an acupuncture appointment with my new acupuncturist and I have a open seminar with an IVF doc here in the Bay Area. He has one of the highest success rates in our area, so I'm hoping that we get a chance to ask him a few questions and get his opinion on how successful we'll be.

Today is CD5, so I still have two days of letrozole. Don't feel much different other than bloating, but what's new, right? I'm always in some state of bloat -- big bloat, small bloat. After a certain point it's all the same.